Wings of VOICE


Programs are oriented to train them in patience, maturity, self control, clean habits, tolerance, respect for elders, meditation to calm the raging mind etc. The teenagers perform skits, sing, play instruments, join the spiritual dance, meditate and go for spiritual picnics.


It is said that the hand that moves the cradle can make or mar the world. Great leaders have had great mothers. Keeping this in view, the girls are trained in various activities to become an ideal wife, a loving mother and a chaste and exemplary house maker to benefit home, nation and all humanity.

Corporate VOICE

Corporate VOICE specifically takes care of the needs and interests of the professionals and corporates by offering them guidance through seminars and courses aimed at tackling STRESS, Effective leadership, Time Management, Positive Mental attitude, Character build up, Team Playing and principle centered leadership to induce in them the ability to think positively and WORK SMARTER NOT JUST HARDER.

Children VOICE

Children are trained in story telling, creative exercises, singing, dancing, dramas, painting, sloka recitation, fancy dress competition etc.