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The education system in India is very much equipped to inculcate the values in the students to make them a person with balanced thoughts and having human values but still our experience is different in many cases. I personally feel that it is due to the fact that, the youths are generally very much misguided by the social media. At the same time, the Indian culture which is known traditionally all over India but as the time is passing it is getting diminished day by day. So VOICE CLUB provides an opportunity to bring character and culture in the modern youth along with the competence which already he is getting through his education so specifically VOICE CLUB focuses on character and culture and not only that of course contents only. It also arranges various technical seminars to improve technical skills of the students. Thus VOICE CLUB helps students to improve his character, competence, culture. In short VOICE CLUB creates a ecosystem required for the same.
Dr. Laxman Madhavrao Waghmare Dean(Incubation, Innovation and Linkages) - Shri Guru Gobind Singhji (SGGS) Institute of Engineering & Technology, Nanded
VOICE is an organization conducting value based education seminars in colleges, focusing mainly on blended character with competence to bring out the best in students. It is organizing and conducting such induction programs without any charges. VOICE helps the students in grooming them not only as a responsible citizen but to excel in their academics also through various technical seminars & workshops on python, C++, Data Analytics, ML etc.
VOICE also provides training for students in soft skills such as Stress Management, Public Speaking, Leadership and management etc. by the application of timeless wisdom in the modern day scenario, saving youth from self-destructive habits and addictions that harm body and mind. Many students from our organization benefited from VOICE for the last 3 years. I am looking forward to such wonderful seminars / workshops for our students in future also.
Prof. E. M. Reddy (1)
Prof. E. M. Reddy Asst. Professor and HoD - Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune
I am extremely happy with the VOICE Club’s activities in Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune during last 12 years. Hundreds of students have got benefited through these activities over the years.
VOICE Club focuses on imparting the invaluable ancient wisdom precisely connecting it to the modern world realities. Solutions to contemporary problems related to but not limited to stress management, priority management, character built-up, mind power, Leadership and Management, finding deeper meaning in life etc. are sought by the youth today & VOICE Club gives impeccable and practical solutions to all these issues.
Opportunities are also provided to college students wherein youth can practically involve themselves with responsibilities of leadership and management to practically apply these principles and imbibe in their personalities. VOICE Club’s faculty members are immensely experienced in delivering such programs to college youth and we have always got a very encouraging feedback from our students about this club.
Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Jalnekar (1)
Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Jalnekar Director - Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune
Western education and philosophy give a lot of emphasis on the development of body and intellect. Present-day education in schools and homes follow western thoughts and it does not include a systematic training of mind. Mind is important to understand self. It helps one to interact with the world bravely and to face the reality with confidence and poise. When an 18 year old comes to the college hostel, he appears like a soldier sent to fight in the battle-field without imparting any training on how to use his gun and sword. Co-curricular activities in colleges are often inadequate, because they counsel with western psychology and teach Yoga. These activities fail to strike at the root of understanding about inter-relationship of body-mind-intellect-ego-soul of an individual. VOICE fills up this critical void and, at IIT Kharagpur, I was fortunate to be associated with and watch them serving the student community during the last 2 decades. I myself have learnt a great deal to develop a better vision towards life and will always remain thankful to them for this kind favor shown to me.
Prof. Kanchan Choudhary (1)
Prof. Kanchan Choudhary Department of Cryogenics, IIT, Kharagpur, West Bengal
I am delighted to be associated with VOICE, a movement for grooming youth into principle centered leaders. It has been doing a commendable job in bringing out the potential in students for developing virtues of motivation and self confidence through seminars, group discussions and special counseling.
Dr. G. K Shivakumar (1)
Dr. G. K Shivakumar Dean Administration - NIT Surathkal, Karnataka
It is my honest view that the foundational training in character and open minded but deep thinking that VOICE provides to students perfectly complements every individual’s and organization's endeavor for attaining technical competence. I have myself been immensely benefited by the Vedic teachings.
Dr. Ganesh Ramakrishnan (1)
Dr. Ganesh Ramakrishnan Professor - Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
I had been strongly associated with VOICE from my first year at NIT, Warangal. In fact my parents already knew about VOICE and the benefits of getting connected to their teachings, even before I joined college. By nature, I have an independent mentality and hence accept things only after I am convinced. So my acceptance of the teachings was never because of my parents' encouragement, but it was because I was inspire d by their purity and the intellectual calling it gave. I always used to wonder whether all the problems of world could be solved and if yes, then how. The non sectarian teachings at VOICE based on Bhagvad Gita, Gandhi, Tolstoy, etc. answered all my questions to full satisfaction. We see and observe that most of the problems in this world are because humans have lost purity of heart, have become self-centric and result-oriented. Just to satisfy few people's greed, millions suffer and even Mother Nature suffers. Success doesn't lie in winning the race but in the race run. We learnt in VOICE that “We should try our best and leave the rest to God”. This teaching was a great relief and reduced the stress I had during exams, since my attachment to the results was relatively lesser. My fellow classmates who scored very high in their first years gradually reduced their study effort. I, on the other hand, continued with same or even greater effort. Hence my rank had been constantly rising. My rank at the end of first year was 12th. I passed out of NIT Warangal in 2009 with 5th rank out of 76 students with CGPA of 8.56/10.0. For my good score I was awarded merit scholarship from NITW in 3rd and 4th year.
Rahul Kumar Sevakula (2)
Rahul Kumar Sevakula Post-Doct. -Harvard University. | Jr Faculty at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital.
I had lot of difficulty in my studies during 3rd semester of B.Tech at NITK especially because of some bad habits i got introduced by seniors . I was not able to focus on my studies as I lost my concentration, determination, discrimination, will power to grasp the concepts and eventually leading to poor performance in mid exams. Fortunately that time, I got to know about seminars offered by VOICE through my roommate and many of problems got solved in first seminar itself. Then I started regularly doing meditation (chanting Hare Krishna Mantra) and attending seminars whenever conducted. Slowly I came out of mind tussle and managed 3rd semester with SGPA of 8.3 and in next semester I got SGPA of 9.14 (3rd position in class). After B.Tech, I joined software company Adobe Systems as software engineer and after working for 2.5 years I have decided to go for higher studies. When I was preparing for GATE examination I really felt affect of VOICE seminars in my life. I just had 2.5 months for preparation and surprisingly I did not feel any stress or anxiety during preparation even though I had to cover more than 10 subjects which I have studied 3-4 years before. That time I remembered my IIT-JEE preparation days which are filled with so much stress, anxiety and ending up in no seat at IIT but this time I achieved AIR 26 in GATE-2010(Electrical Engineering).
"Try not to be a person of success, but rather a person of virtue." — Albert Einstein
I can confidently say that seminars offered by VOICE should be made officially as part of curriculum in all colleges as they make all individuals to handle any kind of difficult situations in his life and overcome self-destructive habits.
Amarendra Edpuganti (1)
Amarendra Edpuganti Ph.D - Singapore university | AIR-26 in GATE 2010 (EE) | M.Tech - IIT Kanpur | B.Tech -NIT Warangal
My association with VOICE made me more sincere to my studies as a student, more respectful to Parents & more responsible for the world I live in. The Trainer mentors at VOICE helped me to cultivate a positive never give-up attitude, guided me not only to study effectively but also to Manage & Overcome stress in a healthy way through powerful meditation techniques. VOICE training is now helping me to become a responsible householder, and contribute to society, nation and the world currently marred with social, economic and racial problems and contribute towards making it a GOD-CENTERED VILLAGE OF PEACE & DIVINE PROSPERITY.
Prof.Harsh.S.Thakar (1)
Prof. Harsh. S. Thakar Professor, Department of E&TC, PICT, Pune
I had come in contact with VOICE in 1997. Just before that, I was getting frustrated because of my family problems, not knowing the solution. I started to overindulge in smoking and drinking,. It used to make me release from stress for some time, but it didn’t solve the problem. So I had started thinking and searching about purpose of life. I read many self help books, philosophical books by modern and western thinkers (I didn’t believe in religious books since I thought they are not scientific) starting from Aristotle, Plato to Marx, Edward de bono etc. But instead of giving satisfying, practicable answers to questions about life, they made the whole thing all the more confusing, because everyone had different contradicting world views. When I heard from speakers from VOICE, I appreciated the clarity of vision of life, the secular approach and most importantly the practical application i.e. meditation. By practicing this meditation, there was a positive change in my life ,my bad habits disappeared, became confident to face the challenges of life, attitude became positive. Seeing the change in my life, many of my friends, relatives, colleagues also took interest in activities of VOICE, they also felt a positive change in their lives. I have personally witnessed the effect of efforts taken by volunteers of VOICE on children, youth and corporate people. The participants had become more humble, honest, free from self destructive habits and more responsible citizens. I thank the members of VOICE to save my life from degradation. I wish them success in all their selfless service to nation to make better, wiser responsible people.
Prof. Adapanawar Abhay N. Principal and HOD IT dept. - Sinhgad academy of engineering | BE (Electronics Engg) - 6th rank in university | ME (Computer Engg)


“We found the workshop very effective because the workshop not only highlighted on the common causes & symptoms of stress but the workshop also gave us good insights into what are the effective & simple techniques for managing stress.”
Ms. Pramela HR Manager, Zensar Technologies
"The presentation was very scientific and it gave us an insight into how the vedic knowledge is very relevant in modern times more than ever before. I recommend that all corporate people should take advantage of these seminars.”
M. Krishna Mananging Director at Concentric Pumps India
“I have been greatly benefited and I feel more empowered to deal with crisis situations in a stress free manner.”
Ajay Chandak Senior Project Manager, Tech Mahindra
"Leaders VOICE sessions have helped me see reversals of life in much better way. My outlook about my personal life and work life has tremendously improved due to videos and books of Radheshyam Das. Such teachings should be made available to everyone"
Aishwarya Upadhyay Senior Data Scientist, Globant
“I found the seminars by Leaders VOICE to be very intriguing and practical. It’s interesting how our profound ancient knowledge is applicable for a working professional like me. The Mantra Meditation practice has significantly improved my ability to focus and connect with people around me in a much deeper sense. It is probably the best investment of time I have made in my life.”
Kiran Shekarappa Lead Engineer at Competency technology and Labs , John Deere
"I am gradually moving ahead towards leadership roles in my corporate career. Leader’s VOICE Lamp series and seminars taught me that becoming a servant leader is secret of being successful, stress free at same time. The age-old sutras presented in a nutshell are very easy to understand, simple to apply and yields amazing powerful results."
Naman Kashyap Test Engineer, Johnson Control
“Voice club helped me a lot to bring changes to my personal life. I was a very introvert ,dull and frustrated student earlier. I was seeking association of those who are good in character ,life style and free from bad habits. As soon as I started taking their association and attending their courses and seminars, I felt a great positive change in my life. I came out of complacency laziness and frustration zone. I could organize and manage myself well and started connecting with outside world. In total, it was a change of personality in myself.”
Amit Kumar M. Tech, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur
"I have been attending various activities from my First Year of   B. Tech and will continue to do so. All these activities have helped me to cultivate many technical as well as personal qualities in me especially by the Discover Yourself Course. All my experiences with VOICE Club have made special impact to continue with VOICE to learn and grow more. VOICE has offered many opportunities so that students can reach out to other students in many ways and also help everyone in their academic by organizing technical workshops. VOICE has made me aware of competence , character and culture. Thank you!"
Bhargav Udayraj Hattekar B. Tech, Shri Guru Gobind SinghJi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nanded
“In VOICE, everyone is encouraged to speak up and share their thoughts in various forums or groups. This helped me a lot to come out of my shyness and develop self confidence. In my final year I was requested to give seminars to more than 100 people and I was able to deliver all those sessions smoothly without any problems. Many people appreciated me but I can't imagine achieving that without VOICE training. This also helped me in my camps recruitment drives as well.”
Pritish Patra Analyst, Deloitte
"VOICE has helped me identify my potential, and I realized that ultimate satisfaction is experienced with a grateful heart, which shelters around selfless service attitude. VOICE training taught me to embrace the world with a positive outlook and permeated within me to be a change maker. I owe a lot to what I am today to VOICE and my mentors. Here the foundation of management, leadership permeated in my life, and I decided to be a change-maker to impact the lives of people."
Arup Jyoti Master of Management, University of Melbourne
“There are many aspects of my life which have changed after attending VOICE courses and trainings. will throw light on some of the aspects. First thing is that earlier I was not able to plan and organize different activities throughout my whole day but in voice you'll get training to organize your day and also divide your full day into small - small parts and give enough time to each activities and prioritize work which is more urgent and important etc. Second thing is that I had many habits which were not good for me for e.g. late night sleep and just eat anything which are really bad for our health but here in voice I have easily overcome those habits and not only that I have also cultivated some of the good habits like reading books which are really helpful for our overall personality development.”
Ravi Giri B.E., Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pune
"Along with shaping my studies and my career, VOICE has a very crucial part in shaping my life and building character. During my college days, the seniors here guided me and helped me in my studies. I remember how we used to have group discussion and stage programs which helped a lot in boosting confidence & fetching a job in campus placements. I would have never visited different parts of India by myself, to learn and explore the Vedic culture, trekking and having lots of fun on the go. It was all possible because of loving and caring nature of a huge friend circle, which pushes each other to live a life of ethics and values. The people with whom we associate shape our goal and very necessary to choose wise people. You will definitely find a lot of wisdom here in VOICE."
Sairaj Deshmukh Sr QA Engineer, Advik-HiTech
“VOICE training taught me what true happiness in life means. It has helped me to be more focused and clear about the short term and long term goals I set in life. I learnt about the true values one must cultivate and live by, so many of my confusions were resolved. Voice training has helped me with becoming more patient, tolerant and in developing right attitude towards life. Overall it helped me with becoming a better person.”
Srikar Vadlamani Manufacturing Engineer, Company-Terumo Medical Corporation, Maryland, USA
"Bad Habits are going off,Good habits and Character is being formed and true Knowledge of self, world and beyond is getting awakened. Concentration surely improved. Got many good friends, got chances to engage my talents rightly, Finally becoming more and more happy, satisfied, Transformed and Blissful......"
Durga Prasad NIT Warangal