Vedic Oasis for Inspiration, Culture and Education (VOICE)

Rekindling Wisdom, Reviving Love

'VOICE' Stands for Vedic Oasis for Inspiration, Culture and Education. It is an educational wing of ISKCON, which offer services to all age groups including young children, teenagers, college youth and working individuals.

Every society needs role models which can be emulated by masses. 'VOICE' aims to nurture individuals who can excel in their personal and professional life. Such individuals will be leading by example of principle centered living.

VOICE Offers various welfare training programs, courses, workshops, camps to facilitate the all round development of students & corporate professionals.

our integrated services

Learning Curve
Proactive De – Addiction Training Power of Habits
Time Management
Art of Stress Management
Philosophical Angle
VOICE provides PROACTIVE PREVENTIVE measures for Drug's de-addiction, alcoholism, pornography and AIDs using training mechanism based on application of value systems from matchless knowledge available in the timeless scriptures for youths.
Yoga Retreats
We conduct Two/Three day camp in each semester for Everyone.

On weekly basis for our Volunteers so that they can keep themselves away from self-destructive habits (Drug’s) and help their friends.
Self Analysis
What's your IQ/EQ/SQ?: Know more about your personality index with this benchmark test.
Learning an Art
Public speaking and overcoming stage fear.
Learn Meditation-The art of balancing the inner self.
Monthly Meets
Youth festival-Prerana
(The festival of inspiration and joy) along with video shows/dramas.
Stay connected
Regular information regarding upcoming events and inspiration quotes via SMS, Email, and Phone-calls
Personal guidance and counseling
To facilitate students with solutions to practical problems they face, Study planning, Career planning and preparation.
Crash Courses
An exclusive 16 hour weekend crash course in each semester on specific subjects of students interest.

Our Centres – Across India and Overseas

Corporate services