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By becoming one of the volunteers of VOICE, you will get an opportunity to participate in various interactive seminars, workshops, skill development activities, camps, and other events conducted by the VOICE.

Learning Curve

Proactive De – Addiction Training

Power of Habits

Time Management

Art of Stress Management


Philosophical Angle

VOICE provides PROACTIVE PREVENTIVE measures for Drug's de-addiction, alcoholism, pornography and AIDs using training mechanism based on application of value systems from matchless knowledge available in the timeless scriptures for youths.
Six session certificate course:
"Discover Your Self"
with course book.

Yoga Retreats

We conduct Two/Three day camp in each semester for Everyone.
On weekly basis for our Volunteers so that they can keep themselves away from self-destructive habits (Drug’s) and help their friends.

Self Analysis

What's your IQ/EQ/SQ?: Know more about your personality index with this benchmark test.

Learning an Art

Public speaking and overcoming stage fear.
Learn Meditation-The art of balancing the inner self.

Monthly Meets

Youth festival-Prerana (The festival of inspiration and joy) along with video shows/dramas.

Stay connected

Regular information regarding upcoming events and inspiration quotes
via SMS, Email, and Phone-calls

Crash Courses

An exclusive 16 hour weekend crash course
in each semester on specific
subjects of students interest.

Personal guidance and counseling

To faciitate students with
solutions to practical problems they face,
Study planning, Career planning and preparation.

About us

In the recent past, the freedom resulting from living away from their parents, mechanistic world-view devoid of values, ethics, morals or purpose, free mixing opportunities offered by the campus environment combined to propel the students into a life of sensuality and sin. When they graduate, they carry, along with their degrees, a disdain for virtuous living, an infatuation with materialism and a host of vices unhealthy eating habits, promiscuity, smoking, alcoholism, gambling and even drug addiction.
In 1996, a team of youths from engineering colleges of Pune started the activities of VOICE by coming together and venturing into the wisdom literatures and lives of great personalities, with the desire to bring about a positive revolution in the misguided lives of modern youth. Today VOICE has taken a great shape in several universities in India and abroad.
The education and culture offered by VOICE is non-sectarian and meant for people of any religion, caste, creed, color or nationality. It is for bringing about the welfare of all humanity. It is easy to understand and practical to apply wisdom. It teaches proven knowledge that has touched and transformed the lives of thousands of youths.
Intellectual education influences the head and value-based education influences the heart. In fact, education that does not train the heart can be dangerous. If we want to build character in our offices, homes and society, we must have the wisdom to live a principle-centered life based on honesty, compassion, courage, responsibility etc. Educated persons are those who can choose wisely and courageously under any circumstances between good and bad, between virtuousness and vulgarities regardless of the academic degrees they have. The goal of VOICE is to rekindle the innate wisdom about meaning and purpose of life.
Peter R. Schemm in his book entitled, ‘Love: Impact on Physical and Mental Health’ explains that people who live in relationships in which they do not feel loved, protected, happy or secure are ten times more susceptible to chronic disease and five time more susceptible to mental illness. Also studies prove that love heals diseases. Community, security, protection, sharing, care and concern for one another – all these are possible only when people learn to lead a selfless life centered around the Supreme Truth. Such a life awakens the dormant love in our hearts that manifests as respect for elders, compassion for the youngers, friendliness towards equals, surrender to the laws of Almighty that matures as love for Lord and towards all living beings.
So the motto of VOICE is “Rekindling Wisdom & Reviving Love”. When the wisdom is rekindled people can discriminate between good and bad, by that surely they will be able to say NO to bad habits & yes to life and when the real love is revived people won’t search for happiness outside through alcohol, drug’s, illicit relationships and so on. So VOICE makes DRUG DE-ADDICTION a easy and a happy process because as soon a person gets a higher taste he will no longer look down to petty stupid lower tastes like drinking, smoking, drug’s.

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A view of various events and activities conducted by our club in the past.


Volunteers doing meditation


Discover Your Self Course

Six Session Certificate Course

Fun Event


A seminar on "Power of Habits"

Beat Your Defeat Seminar


Corporate Seminar

By Vishal Kaushal

Proactive Drug de-addiction seminar

With practical application in our life

Fun Event

Fun Event


Volunteers Taking Oath in Proactive Drug de-addiction seminar

By Vishal Kaushal

No to drugs

With practical tips


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